Take control

Axiom delivers real control and real productivity. With it, you can help more patients, fit more hearing instruments, achieve higher client satisfaction, and do it all without breaking a sweat – or the bank. It’s the affordable way to take control of the fitting process. Axiom is also the preferred choice for those focused on high-quality fitting with high-volume productivity.


Speechmap® for easy counseling

This unique fitting environment is easy to use and easy for patients to comprehend. In a few minutes your patients will understand their residual auditory area, recruitment, and the limitations that their hearing loss imposes. Use the visually enhanced before-and-after SII graph to clearly show the benefit the selected instruments are providing.


Data management

Axiom makes it easy to store, manage, and transfer patient information…

  • NOAH4 compatibility
  • Ability to print to pdf or an external printer
  • Ability to store or restore sessions from a network file or USB stick
  • Capturing of any Axiom screen through a local network or the Internet

Adaptable to your space

The Axiom adapts to your needs, whether your space is large or small. You can use “on-top” mode to share a monitor and peripherals with your programming computer, hook up a big screen TV for counseling, or drive it with your tablet.