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Standard Fitting Tools Verifit®2 Verifit® Axiom® RM500SL
On-ear and test box (S-REM)   B              
Calibrated real speech stimuli                
Percentile analysis                
DSL®5, NAL-NL2, CAMFIT targets                
Multicurve   B              
ANSI 2009                
Frequency-lowering test stimuli                
User-supplied sound files                
FM fitting protocol                
Additional Fitting Tools
Audiometric data entry to 12.5kHz                      
Wideband verification                      
Noise reduction test   B                  
Feedback test   B                  
CROS/BiCROS fitting in Speechmap                    
Speechmap for telecoil   TT     TL              
Monitor headphones   B                  
Directional test   B                  
Occlusion effect test                  
Battery drain measures                 *
Standard Ease of Use Features
Context sensitive help                
Smart microphone calibration                
Smart sound field equalization                
Smart RECD transducer calibration                
NOAH module                
Advanced Ease of Use Features
Heads-up help with instructive pictures                      
L/R display swap                      
Binaural Sound Field Assist                      
Virtual keyboard                    
Print to PDF (EMR compatible)                    
PC control/display capability (On-top mode)                    
Wirelesss networking                    
Counseling Tools
Sensory Loss Simulator                
Audibar SII display                    
Note: Verifit is shown for comparative purposes only and is not available for purchase.