Why We're #1

There's not one specific reason why Audioscan is the #1 manufacturer of hearing instrument fitting systems; there are many. Among them...



Audioscan offers an unparalleled level of real-ear know-how because we were the original innovators behind programmable hearing instruments, digital hearing instruments, live speech mapping technology and simultaneous directional testing and many more.



Audioscan offers an exceptional level of experience because we have installed and supported more real ear verification instruments in the Western Hemisphere than all the other manufacturers combined.



Audioscan is singularly focused on real-ear and live speech mapping. This means - any other provider in the hearing industry - we're specialists and we're experts in this category.



Audioscan instruments give you complete control and supervision of hearing instrument verification and fitting accuracy resulting in vastly improved customer satisfaction.


Tangible Benefit.

Audioscan instruments reduce post-fitting adjustments and returns.



Audioscan instruments can be used with all popular hearing instruments and hearing instrument options including digital instruments and open fit styles.


User Interface.

Audioscan systems are the most user-friendly verification and real ear measurement tools available in hearing healthcare today.


Cost of Ownership.

Audioscan provides an unequalled low cost of ownership including a 2-year warranty, free instrument software updates, free technical support, and economical supplies and optional equipment.