Take control - anywhere

The RM500SL delivers real control and portable verification. You can provide Audioscan quality patient care wherever it’s needed! The RM500SL is used most often by educational audiologists, outreach programs, and users with satellite offices.


Speechmap makes it easy for patients to understand their own hearing loss. Its visual representation of their loss facilitates their comprehension of their own residual auditory area, recruitment, and of the limitations imposed by their hearing loss. It’s an invaluable tool for patient counseling and rehabilitation.



FM verification

Featuring a test box larger than some desktop systems, the RM500SL is the choice for educational audiology. School systems across the world rely on the RM500SL for FM verification on-the-go.


Data management

Included in RM500SL are data management features that make it easy to store, manage, and transfer patient information. Among its data management features are:

  • NOAH4 compatibility
  • Ability to print to an internal, external printer
  • Ability to store or restore sessions from a network file or USB stick
  • Capturing of any RM500SL screen through a local network or the Internet